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How to Remove Pet Hair from Your Home

Does your pets’ shedding make you want to pull YOUR hair out?  As animal lovers, we treat our pets like family and with that comes a home full of pet hair on the floors, furniture, and clothing. Although we can’t imagine our lives without our furry friends, we CAN imagine our homes without their fur.


How Can I Make My Animal Stop Shedding?


Animals that are kept indoors most often can shed year-round instead of the typical two times a year. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try we can’t prevent them from shedding and there’s no magical solution for pet hair. To prevent hair from sticking around, follow this helpful advice for dealing with pet hair. These 6 tips are sure to have something for everyone!

1. Brush Your Pet

694x400dog grooming

Regular brushing, with the right type of brush, will keep your dog’s hair and skin healthy which reduces shedding.  Brushing takes off fur that’s old, damaged, or extra. It also removes oil from the animal’s skin to coat the fur, making it healthier and less likely to fall out. Be sure to get the undercoat! Your pet’s coat will start looking shinier and cleaner, and so will your floors.

2. Buy a Window Squeegee

A great tool to remove pet hair from upholstery, like a couch for example, is a window cleaning squeegee. Move the squeegee back and forth across the area. The rubber edge easily loosens hair from fabrics. If you're wondering how to remove pet hair from your carpet, the window squeegee even works on the most stubborn hair deep in your carpet.

3. Cover Your Furniture

694x400 girl and dog on couch

Places like your couch, car seats, or carpet are magnets for pet hair. Using a throw, slipcover, or blanket to cover these areas makes removing pet hair a less tedious task. You can easily remove the slipcover, wash it, and put it back on. It'll protect your upholstery, making your home more inviting to guests, and it'll keep your furniture looking and smelling better. Also, purchasing a pet bed will give your dog a comfy place of his or her own that's not on your furniture. Plus, most beds now come with washable covers or replacement covers!

4. Make the Lint Roller a Must-have

694x400 lint roller

Don’t go out of the house with fur all over you. Lint rollers can be life savers for animal lovers, removing pet hair from clothes, furniture, and other soft surfaces. This handy tool is compact and has many functions, so it’s definitely essential for pet owners.

5. Dust off Your Rubber Gloves

Much like a window squeegee, rubber gloves clean up pet hair in a breeze. You can use rubber gloves to remove pet hair on rugs, carpet, upholstery, etc. Dampening the rubber might help the hair stick to the glove better, but you can also do this with a dry rubber glove.

6. Invest in a Pet Vacuum Cleaner

694x400 vaccuming

Sometimes an everyday vacuum cleaner doesn’t get the job done, but there are many vacuums now specifically designed to pick up pet hair. There are several types of pet vacuums including bag or bagless, upright or handheld, and stick vacuums. There's a lot to consider when buying a vacuum to handle pet hair, like how big your home is and what type of flooring surfaces are in your home.  In general, specialized pet vacuums have more powerful suctions, better filtration systems, and attachments and accessories specially designed to tackle pet hair in the toughest areas. Check out the top picks for the best vacuum for pet hair.